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Pure natural stone blog: semi-precious, ultimate luxury!

The semi-precious products are without a doubt the most exclusive natural stone product on the market. Top Granito is supplying these precious materials more often lately. So often actually, that we decided to create a new product page on our website named luxury.  According to us, the main reason for this increase is the fact that even the rich and famous do not want to pay too much for exclusivity and our main supplier gives us the possibility to order the exact sizes we need. Basically there is no material loss and this makes all the difference. De quality however, is outstanding and is among the best available worldwide. This is not only the quality of the actual semi-precious and gemstones but also the quality of the slab production. On top of that we are able to deliver big size slabs (max.315x180cm) and there is even a unique outdoor collection available which is guaranteed from -20 to +90 Celsius and ...........

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Pure natural stone blog: The unexpected side from Phorphyry

Everybody knows the material Porphyry as the little cube stones used in historical centers as paving on squares and streets. The material is indeed very strong, frost resistant and very suitable for outside use, but here I would like to point out the unexpected possibilities for interior design.

Top Granito is together with our partner for Porphyry and other volcanic stones always looking to find new and wider ways of the use of stone, valuing its variety and its infinite possibilities of the use together with other materials such as wood and steel.

Before I start with the possibilities for interior design, first in short its origin and some characteristics of the material. The Italian porphyry is originated from the province Trento in North Italy. The material has been quarried for many, many centuries and has become a symbol of ancient building culture. The material is if we look at the strength, frost resistance and water absorption comparable with granite, so very strong and durable.


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