Highly exclusive eyecatchers

For a large project of 300 exclusive villas' on a tropical location we were asked to offer a variety of innovating solutions in natural stone. Besides the more classic solutions like paving and wall cladding in bookmatch we presented some highly exclusive eyecatchers in natural stone. Together with our supplier of semi-precious and gemstones we offered a bathtub made of Blue Agate.

Historically Blue Agate was placed in water and boiled. After drinking the water it should dispel sickness. Besides the healing aspects it is said to have properties like, calming and balancing energy. True or not true, one thing is for sure; a bath like this is a pearl in any bathroom. For the people who do not like blue we can offer this also in White Quartz, Black Petrified Wood and Tiger Eye Gold. For the price of a modest car it can be yours too!

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This is a simulation made for the project of the actual bathtub but now in Black Petrified Wood. This material is not really a crystal but it's fossilized wood, formed 200 million years ago and worked from single pieces into very durable slabs.

See the photo gallery for the other alternatives we presented in White Quartz and Tiger eye Gold and many more exclusive solutions. Please click on the photos for more info.

Top Granito can also provide you the right solutions in natural stone. For more info, prices or photos please send an email to Jurjen de Baar: jdb@topgranito.com or call 0039-3664117975

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