Lithos Design has become one of the leading companies in stone design worldwide. The combination of generations of experience in natural stone processing, a focus on new innovative techniques and unique design from top designer Raffaello Galiotto made it possible to become a trendsetter in stone design in just a fewl years.

Top Granito is selling their products outside Italy, in Scandinavia and several other countries.

Lithos Design has several collections of modular partitions and claddings where they always combine design with function. Le Pietre Incise collects 13 fascinating models exploring the infinitive potential of natural stone. The feature walls of the Drappi di Pietra collection are with an ample curved surface not only an elegant and innovative design but they also improve the acoustic wellness. Muri di Pietra is a line of modular, decorative and self-supporting partitions which are perfectly proportioned. The solidity of the stone goes hand in hand with the fluidity and lightness of the design. Maybe the most spectaculair product line of Lithos Design is Le Pietre Luminose with back-lit modular 3-dimensional stone coverings. This collection is created from a balanced combination of design, surface processing across three dimensions, and thorough research into illumination techniques applied to the translucent properties of marble. Light enhances every facet of the design and reveals the thickness and the cut of the natural stone. They truely have a 'wow' effect but besides that they are suprisingly easy to mount. Once the 60x60cm modules are installed all the backlit panels look like one jointless wall.


One of the other leading companies in stone design is the Testi Group. We also work in close collaboration with them on several challenging projects. The Testi Group also design and produce 3D wall covering in various types of marble. The most exceptional is the Hyperwave, which we mounted in Bianco Carrara C marble for one of our clients (see under projects). The Testi Group has also a strong position on the market of designer lamps. Very impressive is the lamp design cut out of a massive block of the Italian marble.


Based in the Verona in the center of worldwide natural stone production we follow closely the trends in natural stone design. The trendy tiles which are made from Pietra Lavica are a fine example of a modern use of natural stone in interior. Top Granito and our partners keep pushing the limits of what is possible to create in natural stone.