To do a job like this there are several big challenges. The biggest challenge was the huge dimensions on the blocks needed to do this project. Top Granito found the one and only CNC mono wire cutting equipment precise enough to do the job to reach the precision needed. This was especially important on the details, where the different faces of the monolith meet each other.  We selected London White, a granite from Northern Italy. Top Granito has been working with the owner of the quarry for many years and has have been working with this material several times. It is a strong and weather resistant material, where the technical data meets the demand for the location where the finished monoliths were to be installed. Top Granito went to the quarry and together with the quarry master, we selected a specific part of the quarry for the special production of the big blocks needed.

The production with the CNC mono wire was made under the supervision of Top Granito and the final finishing touch as well. The total weight of the raw blocks was approximately 150.000 kilos with an end result of approximately 55.000 kilos. All internal transport in Italy and the international transport to Denmark was made with exceptional transport due to weight and size of blocks and finished product.

Project monoliths PROJECT MONOLITHS